Build Your Audience Workshop

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Build Your Audience Workshop

Justin Jackson
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"This was amazing. Thank you!"
- E. G., workshop participant

Imagine having thousands of people lined up to hear about your next project

On Sunday, June 29th, from 10am PST - Noon PST I’ll be holding my second online workshop. You'll learn how to build your online audience from 0 to 1,000.

"You did a fantastic job. Really great stuff." - Arash
"Thanks so much for this session (and the resources)" - Denis

View the sample workshop video

What you'll learn

  • how to pick the right audience
  • how to research your audience, and discover what they really want
  • how to grow your audience (and which channel to focus on)
  • how an audience helps you sell products 

Live event

  • 60 minutes of teaching material (including some research secrets I don’t share anywhere else)
  • 60 minutes of Q&A (including the opportunity for me to do live tear-downs)
  • You get to keep a copy of the video!

Additional resources

With your workshop registration, you'll get a number of goodies including:

  • Build Your Audience Handbook (PDF)
  • Tools Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  • Workshop Slides (PDF)
  • Choose your audience worksheet
  • Downloadable workshop video

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